Saturday, April 15, 2017

Flowers From the Garden - Easter on South Calhoun

Easter really is one of my favorite holidays, especially when the weather cooperates and the garden is bursting with flowers for decorating. I didn't do much decorating last year, so it was fun to get everything out and find new places for all of the eggs (both real and fake), critters, and dishes.

Happy Easter!

Two very full vases of daffodils in the bathroom.

I think the jadeite bunnies are perfectly happy in the Kyoto green bathroom.

White and salmon and pink daffodils on the bedside table. The pink-cupped daffodils really didn't do very well this year, nor did the 'Ice Follies' daffodils. I'm not sure if they need to be divided or what. Usually they grow happily, untouched, for years. I need to do a little research. 

Hyacinths from the garden, an Easter lily, and some buri sheep.

There were so many hyacinths this year. I really can't believe I've had three arrangements this large of only hyacinths already this spring.

Some foil wrapped "chocolate" rabbits, three little ducklings, and blown out eggs from Easters past.

More blown out and gilded eggs in some faux bois pots on a bedroom table.

Some newer, fake eggs on the other night stand.

Even the closet gets some flowers. These primroses have been blooming for over a month now. 

Hyacinths and hellebore behind a rabbit candy dish.

This late blooming amaryllis (forgotten on a window sill) is blooming just in time.

More hyacinths and covered candy dishes.

More foil wrapped "chocolate" bunnies and a chick under a cake dome. Some blown out araucana eggs are also under the dome.

Some lamb salt and pepper shakers, blown out decorative eggs done by my great aunts, and a vase of hyacinths, grape hyacinths, and fritillaria sit on the spice rack.

More jadeite in the kitchen. I love the green with all of the copper.

The hen and rooster covered dishes were added to the cake plates.

And the rest of my blown out eggs are under glass.

There's another hen dish somewhere. I also realized I have several little white china baskets hidden away. As well as some other china rabbits. I'll need to look under my bed in the "archives".

And just in time, the tulips have begun to bloom. I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday!